We believe everyone has the right to breathe clean air. But in too many parts of the world, the predominant view is of a skyline thick with smog and pollution. As a forward-thinking leader in clean energy EV technology, we’re confident we can leave this planet a better place than we found it.

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Our focus on Rebirth

Air pollution has become a national emergency as it is killing one lakh children under the age of five in India every year and is responsible for 12.5 per cent of all deaths in the country, according to a study released on the World Environment Day.

Launch Edition | Futur-e

We're celebrating our launch with this limited release of the Adventure Package.

  • Battery: 220 Kwh80%
  • CO₂ emissions, combined: 0 g/km100%
  • Lightning Rapid Charge: 30 MIN 50%
  • Top Speed: 340 km/h70%

Yearlater created the futur-e DG to embrace challenges head-on, combining cutting-edge technology with extraordinary design, while always refusing to compromise. In a future driven by technology, it’s easy to lose the genuine thrill of driving.

But in the future shaped by Yearlater, this won’t be left behind, because there will always be a driver behind the wheel.


Priscilla Hernandez

Chief Operating Officer

+1 (561) 335-9250

Rony Antony

Chief Design Officer

+968 9437 3525

Surya Sasi

Chief HR Officer

+91 62826 04913

Dinu George Koshy

Sr. Research Analyst

+91 8086020072

Dhaval Sojitra

AI Researcher

+91 95374 40350

Let's build the

future together

Our internal people are our strongest asset and can reach excellency only when working together as a team, with strong communication, sharing and improving together for best results. We all have a strong sense of belonging, love the challenge and seek continuous improvement together, daily, for the success of our organization.

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